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Can Flight Sims Help You Become a Pilot?

flight sim
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (Image Credit: Chillblast)

Are you dreaming of taking to the skies as a licensed pilot? With the rise of flight simulators, many aspiring pilots are wondering if these virtual flying experiences can help them achieve their goal. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of flight sims and whether they can indeed help you become a pilot.

What are Flight Sims?

Flight simulators, or flight sims, are software programs or video games that mimic the experience of flying an aircraft. They range from simple, arcade-style games to sophisticated, realistic simulations that replicate the complexities of real-world flying.

x-plane 12
X-Plane 12 (Image Credit: X-Plane/

How Can Flight Sims Help You Become a Pilot?

1. Develops Hand-Eye Coordination and Fine Motor Skills: Flight simulators require players to operate virtual controls, honing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills essential for piloting a real aircraft.

2. Familiarize You with Aircraft Instruments and Systems: Flight sims introduce players to the various instruments and systems found in aircraft cockpits, helping to build a solid understanding of their functions and operations.

3. Teach Basic Flight Maneuvers and Procedures: Flight sims allow players to practice basic flight maneuvers like take-offs, landings, and turns, as well as emergency procedures like engine failure and system malfunctions.

4. Enhance Situational Awareness and Decision-Making: Flight sims simulate various weather conditions, air traffic scenarios, and emergency situations, helping players develop critical thinking and decision-making skills.

5. Cost-Effective and Accessible: Flight sims offer an affordable and accessible way to experience flying without the high costs and risks associated with real-world flight training.

Real-World Pilots Weigh In

Many professional pilots credit flight sims with helping them develop essential skills and knowledge before transitioning to real-world flight training. According to Captain Mike Ray, a commercial airline pilot, "Flight sims helped me build a solid foundation in aircraft handling and emergency procedures, which made my transition to real-world flying much smoother."


While flight sims can't replace real-world flight training, they can certainly help aspiring pilots develop essential skills and knowledge. By leveraging the benefits of flight sims, you can gain a head start on your piloting journey and make the transition to real-world flying more efficient and effective.

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