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Fly in Luxury with La Compagnie: a Boutique Airline

la compagnie a321

La Compagnie is a boutique airline that offers a unique and luxurious air travel experience. Founded in 2013, La Compagnie specializes in transatlantic flights between New York City and Paris, catering to business travellers and luxury-seeking individuals.

La Compagnie is known for its all-business-class configuration, with just 76 seats on board. The airline operates two Airbus A321neo aircraft, featuring lie-flat seats, individual entertainment systems, and in-flight Wi-Fi. The airline also provides passengers with high-quality amenities, such as noise-cancelling headphones, blankets, and pillows, as well as a selection of gourmet meals and beverages.

la compagnie cabin

One of the most attractive features of La Compagnie is its competitive pricing. While other airlines charge a premium for business class seats, La Compagnie offers affordable rates, making luxury air travel accessible to a wider range of travellers. The airline also provides a hassle-free travel experience, with fast check-in, priority boarding, and baggage handling.

La Compagnie's commitment to exceptional customer service sets it apart from other airlines. Passengers are greeted with a warm welcome and attentive service throughout their flight. The airline's flight attendants are highly trained and experienced, providing personalized assistance and catering to individual needs and preferences.

la compagnie crew

Another benefit of flying with La Compagnie is the convenience of its routes. The airline operates daily flights between New York's Newark Liberty International Airport and Paris' Orly Airport, providing travellers with easy access to two of the world's most vibrant and exciting cities. La Compagnie also offers seamless connections to other destinations in Europe, including Nice, Milan, and Tel Aviv, through its partnerships with other airlines.

In addition to its exceptional in-flight experience, La Compagnie also provides passengers with exclusive access to luxury services on the ground. This includes access to VIP lounges at the airports, private transfers, and concierge services.

la compagnie food

La Compagnie offers a luxurious and affordable alternative to traditional business class air travel. Its focus on personalized service, convenience, and value has made it a popular choice for business travellers and luxury-seeking individuals. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, La Compagnie is the perfect choice for a seamless and unforgettable air travel experience. The airline is expanding its routes to exciting new destinations, so keep an eye out for these stylish planes coming to your home airport!

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