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Skynest: Capsule Hotels to Aircraft Sleep Pods?

Source: Air New Zealand

From capsule hotels to sleep pods

First, there were capsule hotels, providing travelers with compact yet comfortable accommodations in bustling cities. Now, taking the concept of compact comfort to new heights, Air New Zealand is introducing Skynest - sleep pods within the confines of an aircraft. Designed to address the challenges of long-haul flights, Skynest aims to provide travelers with a comfortable and restful sleep onboard the aircraft; an innovative evolution that brings the convenience of a capsule hotel to the skies and also addressing one of the common challenges faced by travelers on lengthy flights – the lack of quality sleep.

Capsule hotels have long been popular among travelers seeking affordable and efficient lodging options, particularly in densely populated cities where space is at a premium. These hotels offer compact sleeping spaces, typically stacked in rows, providing a bed, basic amenities, and a sense of privacy within a small pod-like enclosure. Air New Zealand's Skynest takes inspiration from this concept and adapts it to the unique environment of an aircraft. By utilizing the available cabin space effectively, Skynest offers passengers the opportunity to experience the comfort of a lie-flat sleeping pod during their long-haul flights.

The evolution from capsule hotels to sleep pods in planes demonstrates the continuous drive to enhance the travel experience, addressing the specific challenges faced by passengers on long journeys. Skynest seeks to alleviate the discomfort of sleep deprivation and cramped seating by providing travelers with a dedicated space to relax, unwind, and enjoy a more restful sleep. Just as capsule hotels revolutionized urban accommodations, Skynest has the potential to revolutionize long-haul air travel. Pods have a unique and personalized sleeping environment, with each pod featuring a full-length mattress, a cozy pillow, and a warm blanket, allowing travelers to stretch out and enjoy a bed-like experience in the sky. Privacy curtains are also included, creating a sense of personal space for uninterrupted rest.

Addressing fatigue

By addressing the issue of sleep deprivation, Air New Zealand's Skynest has the potential to significantly enhance the travel experience, especially for passengers on long haul flights. Offering a dedicated space for relaxation and sleep, Skynest aims to alleviate the fatigue often associated with long journeys and help passengers arrive at their destination feeling more refreshed and ready to embark on their adventures. As the concept of sleep pods in planes gains traction, it's an exciting time for travelers who can now look forward to a more comfortable and restful journey. With Skynest leading the way, the future of air travel holds the promise of improved sleep options, ensuring that weary travelers can arrive at their destinations feeling revitalized, ready to explore, and make the most of their adventures.


Air New Zealand's Skynest was initially announced in 2019 as a proposed addition to the airline's long-haul flights and since then, it has generated significant buzz and anticipation among travelers worldwide. The airlines has now confirmed that Skynest will first be available on ultra-long-haul routes to New York and Chicago from September 2024. The Skynest will be available for passengers travelling in economy. The aircraft will have six sleeping pods located between the economy and premium economy seats, which will be available for four-hour bookings. Air New Zealand’s chief customer and sales officer Leanne Geraghty said that the carrier was “still working through the exact details of how the booking process will work, and we have yet to determine the price”, but added that “at this stage are looking at around NZ$400 to NZ$600 for the four-hour period”.

**Disclaimer: This article is not endorsed by Air New Zealand. The information provided is based on general knowledge and research, and any speculation or future developments regarding Air New Zealand's Skynest should be confirmed through official sources or by contacting the airline directly.

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