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SWISS Takes Another Step Towards Airbus A350-900 Integration

swiss a350
Image credit: SWISS

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is making significant strides in its plan to introduce the Airbus A350-900 to its fleet by 2025. In the latest development, SWISS has completed the cabin layout for this new long-haul twin-jet, bringing us closer to the exciting transformation of the airline's travel experience.

The recent announcement outlines the seating arrangements for each cabin class, offering a glimpse into what passengers can expect when boarding the new Airbus A350-900. This milestone is a crucial step forward in the project's timeline.

The new SWISS Airbus A350 will feature 242 seats

SWISS's Airbus A350-900 will accommodate a total of 242 passengers, distributed across four classes:

  • First Class: Three seats

  • Business Class: Forty-five seats

  • Premium Economy Class: Thirty-eight seats

  • Economy Class: One hundred fifty-six seats

a350 swiss seatmap
Image credit: SWISS

One notable highlight of this announcement is the significant enlargement of the Premium Economy Class. With 38 seats, it surpasses the size of similar classes on SWISS's existing long-haul aircraft. This expansion is a direct response to the growing demand for premium air travel, especially among leisure travellers.

Tamur Goudarzi Pour, SWISS's Chief Commercial Officer, expresses enthusiasm about the new cabin concept: "Through their carefully-conceived spatial design, all our seating classes aboard our aircraft will offer our guests a totally new and unparalleled air travel experience from 2025 onwards."

He also highlights that SWISS will continue to be the only major airline globally to offer a First Class cabin on all its long-haul aircraft, reinforcing the airline's commitment to excellence. The strategic decision to enlarge Premium Economy solidifies SWISS's position as Europe's leading premium airline.

SWISS new first class
SWISS new first class. Image credit: SWISS

swiss new business class
SWISS new business class. Image credit: SWISS

Tailored to SWISS's Needs

What sets SWISS's Airbus A350-900 apart is the airline's ability to specify the interiors according to its unique requirements. Receiving these aircraft directly from the factory allows SWISS to customise them to provide the best possible passenger experience.

The Airbus A350-900: Advanced and Environmentally Friendly

The Airbus A350-900 represents the cutting edge of long-haul aircraft technology. SWISS will gradually receive five of these aircraft starting in 2025, with the aim of eventually replacing its four remaining four-engined Airbus A340-300s.

The A350-900 offers several advantages, including being significantly more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. It emits approximately 25% less carbon dioxide than its predecessor and is significantly quieter. On average, the A350-900 consumes only about 2.5 liters of fuel per passenger per 100 kilometers.

As SWISS continues its preparations for the arrival of these new Airbus A350-900s, passengers can look forward to an enhanced and more personalised travel experience that reflects the airline's commitment to quality and innovation in the aviation industry.

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